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Friday, January 16, 2004:

From the Drudge Report...

**Exclusive** In 1996 Senator John Kerry proposed to "get rid of the Agriculture Department," the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. A move -- that if successful -- would have likely resulted in subsidies cuts and programs for Iowa growers. "I think we can reduce the size of Washington," Kerry said on January 6, 1996. "Get rid of the Energy Department. Get rid of the Agriculture Department, or at least render it three-quarters the size it is today; there are more agriculture bureaucrats than there are farmers in this country"...

What Kerry said in 1996 is right on the money! A Libertarian view from a staunch Democrat! Iowan's who live off the gov't probably will dislike John for this statement, but he is right on the money. Several departments need to be removed or at least downsized severly. Not just the Ag Dept. and the Energy Dept., but also the State Dept., the Dept. of Education, the Interior Dept., and others. Merge several together. The Department of Defense and the Department of the Treasury should remain untouched.
Such a big name advocating a required change for the modern times. President Bush should listen to the Senator from Mass.

Thank you Matt Drudge!

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