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Thursday, January 08, 2004:

How can any lawyer take this case? There is no case, in fact, I would encourage WalMart to countersue the Sagers for wrongful accusations and slander. The Wal Mart employees are not the most intelligent, I grant you, but they certainly cannot be held responsible for how a bag is packed. That responsibility is up too the individual who carries the bag out and home. I think the Sagers saw an opportunity, are in a load of debt, and cut the bag and purposely injured themselves. John Scales, their rotten liar, er lawyer, is a rat-fink and a con artist who should be locked away just for taking a case with no merits. I do hope the judge throws this case out and the Sagers are forced to cover legal bills for WalMart. These people need to be punished for their stupidity!

Riker17 // 08:58

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