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Sunday, November 16, 2003:

I saw The Matrix Revolutions this past Friday and was blown away by the computer animation, but was disgusted by the amount of blood and gore as compared to the previous two combined. As far as I am concerned, it was not necessary to the storyline to show all the gore. Also, Trinity's death scene was too long and did not move me since I felt that Trin was an evil character with no redeeming qualities. Or, maybe I am speaking of Carrie-Ann Moss, the twig of an actress playing the part. I don't know, she just didn't fit the persona that she was paid to fake.

Why I am writing is this:
The Box Office Results. Matrix finished in third this weekend after grossing over $100 million! And this movie has plunged? According to the Drudge Report, it has. I disagree. A plunge in my mind is when a movie falls more than 5 places from the previous weekend. That has not happened to The Martix.


Riker17 // 11:51

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