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Friday, November 21, 2003:

I agree with Joseph Farah and his plea to our Congressional leaders to re-install the Internet Tax Moratorium. And, as he states, it's not just one tax that we must worry about, it is several, it is the entire tax system, it is the Internal Revenue Service that must be relagated to history. Oppose all taxes, do not file in April, question your government, until they agree to honestly answer questions posed by groups like the We The People Foundation & We The People Congress. Ask yourself this: Why do I fear the United States Government? If you do not fear it, are you willing to ask the necessary questions and with-hold the monies that the IRS requests from you? I hope so, there is strength in numbers. Where is the pro-freedom, anti-IRS Martin Luther King figure? Is there anyone willing to take that role?


Riker17 // 10:51

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