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Saturday, November 22, 2003:

B.C. and the Muslim Community

This is crazy! Some Muslims think that Johnny Hart meant to offend a particular religion. That is not so. Johnny meant no offense by his cartoon, and these creatures are crazy to think that he did. It is meant to be funny, and I think that it is. Outhouses do stink and that is funny that the caveman should state the obvious. I have used my fair of outhouses, so I know for a fact that they do STINK! It's FUNNY! LAUGH at IT! If one must take offense at something, then take this: yo mama wears combat boots!! How ya like that?! I am sick and tired of everyone taking offense at something. I find that it is disrespectful to take offense at anything, accept the most heinous of attacks.


Riker17 // 08:46

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