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Friday, October 03, 2003:

WorldNetDaily: 12 days left for Schindler-Schiavo - Soon, Terri will be dead. Soon, this case will move to the next level. Soon, Michael will be rid of the love of his life.
You can read for yourself why this is a story, I am going to give you my thoughts. Terri should have been dead 13 years ago and this post should not be written. It is being written because people continue to have differing opinions on what death is.
How about the term, "Right-to-Die." Why is this even a term? There is no right-to-die; it is a part of what we are as members of this thing call "Life." Death happens to all, whether you want it to or not, so why fret about it, why not make it on your own terms. Each of us has the inalienable right to take ourselves out of society, in a manner of our choosing. It could be by overdose, a needle in the arm, a plastic bag around the head, a dive into the ocean, or any number of other, more exciting ways. It is one's choice, or freewill, to depart, leaving behind grieving loved ones, or not. I fully support freewill and the euthanasia cause. Right-to-die is really a right-to-life and choice, freedom, liberty, everything that this country was founded upon!
To sum up, I say to all: Go kill yourselves and make this 'life' better for me!

Riker17 // 17:35

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