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Friday, October 03, 2003:

These drug charges against Rush are laughable! Why is it illegal to buy painkillers? This I don't understand. Rush was in some amount of pain and that is well-known, so what is wrong with him pursuing painkillers? Check out this The Smoking Gun article for further details. As far as I am concerned, Rush is right, he purchased drugs, leave him alone!

As for what he said on ESPN last Sunday: Rush is right! The Rev. Jesse Peterson, a prominent black man, agrees with Rush. QB McNabb is an excellent player and more power to him, but the media is focusing on one person way too much. How about Cordell Stewart? He is an all-purpose player. He deserves some attention. Stop focusing on the color of the skin and look at the abilities! Rush should not have resigned from ESPN, he should not have apoligized, he was right all the way! Leave the master alone!


Riker17 // 09:18

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