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Sunday, September 21, 2003:

Saddam is dead! Any story that purports that he is alive is wrong and pure fabrication. Our government knows that he is dead and why they are playing up this angle, I don't know. How does it help Bush politically?
Yahoo! News - U.S. Military Denies Report of Saddam Exile Offer
If Saddam is believed alive, Bush has the ability to use that falsecity to play up American's fears about his return to power. And, when the administration says that WMDs will be found eventually, they are implying that they are in the process of creating an untrue and elaborate hoax of a story. Where are the fact-checkers? Our news media is supposed to be the 4th-branch of government, always keeping the other three honest. That isn't happening here, is it? Instead, our reporters just repeat what they are told and do not ask questions. Fair and Balanced news, my ***!

Riker17 // 14:13

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