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Wednesday, July 30, 2003:

The "Yes on Recall" campaign sprung a minor leak today from the LA Times. The LA Times published an article (free registration req'd) stating that Rep. Darrell Issa padded his public resume with awards and other achievements that did not happen. This is only a minor setback, and will not, as the mass media hopes, save Gray-out Dufus. His own party members want him out!

On a side note, I am still planning on announcing whether or not I will join the ever-increasing candidate list tomorrow between 12 and 1PM PST. I will make the announcement here via AudBlog. Stay tuned for that...

Also, one last thing I would like to point out: this race is wide-open. As long as a Californian has his or her name on the ballot, he or she has an equal chance of winning. No one has any edge over any other candidate due to the lack of primaries and the fact that the election season is so short. In fact, I feel that all elections should be contained within a 3-month time frame. From beginning to end, 3-months. That's all that is necessary and it would lessen the amount of soft and hard money spent on campaigns of all sizes. What do you all think? Email me at will@riker17.com.

Till tomorra, keep well.

Riker17 // 19:19

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