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Monday, February 03, 2003:

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Studio 'pulls shuttle film trailer' - I disagree with this decision. Can't we humans differentiate between real-life and fiction? I know I can! I am not the least bit offended or hurt by scenes of people dying in films after people die in real-life. IT's a DAMN MOVIE! Get A Life, EVERYONE!
The reason the trailer was pulled is summed up here: "It was thought to be too sensitive after seven astronauts died when the space shuttle Columbia broke up before landing on Saturday." How is it "sensitive?" That I don't understand. The crew is dead, the Columbia shuttle is gone, life does go on. We are a nation of wimps and wusses! The feminazis have, I fear, permanently damaged our collective psyche to the point where men must behave like illogical, stupid, naive, always paranoid, women. I AM MAN, HERE ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

Riker17 // 08:53

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