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Monday, December 16, 2002:

NYPOST.COM Post Opinion: Oped Columnists: IN DEFENSE OF LOTT By DICK MORRIS - Finally, a national figure who defends Trent! I agree with Dick, as I have on numerous previous occasions. Thank you for speaking out Dick, but you should have gone further. How, you ask? By defending the words Sen. Lott said. Wait, that would be politically incorrect, wouldn't it? To hell with P.C.! I agree with Senator Lott's words, not because I am a racist, but because he is right! Dems have said that when Trent was in college, he supported segregation in his fraternity. Yeah, so what?! So do I! What does what Senator Lott did in college have to do with what he is doing today? A pattern of racist beliefs? No. No pattern here other than the one on your stupid sweater.
Jesse Jackson supports segration to this day, only its called Affirmative Action. Same idea, though. What ever happened to basing jobs on abilities rather than skin color? I don't what color your skin, just as long as you can do the job. That is all.

Riker17 // 10:54

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