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Tuesday, December 17, 2002:

FOXNews.com - I agree with Wendy and what she has written here. Compassion is our President's favorite word. So why isn't it the nation's? Santa will not hurt anyone, really. He is a kindly old man who has nothing but goodness in his heart, despite what popular culture tries to tell us.
In this column, Wendy mentions the mom who is suing Wal*Mart over pics of her daughter. I agree with this lawsuit and personnally, I would have asked for more money, say $250,000. The Wal*Mart employee(s) who notified the police was/were in the wrong. There is nothing wrong with taking pics of a three-year-old in the nude! They are pictures, for heaven's sakes! Get a life and find a real job! Commen Sense! Where is it?
Thank you, Wendy, for writing an intelligent column. I don't normally agree with feminists, but you said some pretty smart things that needed to be said. Have a great day!

Riker17 // 11:17

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