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Wednesday, October 23, 2002:

Charlotte Observer | 10/23/2002 | Song after sniper news offends fans - What is the problem?! I say this is something I would have done intentionally just to offend people who have nothing better to do than seek out possible offenses! I am glad that song was played right after the news conference. People need to be offended! People need to have their "feelings" hurt. I have no sympathy for anyone who complains about music and how it harms them. There is a knob or button on the radio called on/off or power: USE IT! Change the station! If you don't like the lyrics, don't call the station, just change the channel! Damn, how stupid people are!
If you are one of the millions who are offended by these words, then why are you still reading? Leave my site and never return! I want only strong-willed induhviduals to visit my site. Induhviduals (I am using the Dilbert spelling) who are easily offended (a popular term these days) should be killed in mass exterminations. How is that for offensive?
Every word I type here, I will defend to my dying breath. I wouldn't type it if it weren't how I "feel." Thank you!

Riker17 // 09:23

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