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Tuesday, October 15, 2002:

California Official Voter Information Guide - Here in California, we have a proposition on this year's general election ballot that is criminal to even be there. It is Proposition 52 - Election Day Voter Registration. Voter Fraud Penalties. Initiative Statute. This prop is evil in its intentions and criminal if it passes. Allowing anyone to register to vote on election day is insane! The illegals will turn our en-mass, bused in by the low-life Democrats who will do anything to win an election, including all illegal tactics. They will go to more than one precinct, claiming that they just moved and need to change their address. Multiple votes by the same in-duh-viduals will be common if Prop 52 passes this November 5th. Look it over, read the text of the law, and vote NO on Proposition 52! Thank you.


Riker17 // 09:51

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