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Sunday, September 22, 2002:

'West Wing' Wins Best Drama Emmy (washingtonpost.com) - I am disappointed by this year's Emmy show. Very dull and Conan is an idiot! Is he gay? If not, why play to the gay mafia? The opening segment was disrespectful of everything that Hollywood should represent, and indeed, at one time, did. One highlight I must say pleased me was seeing Brad Garrett win for his role as Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond. I cannot say the same for Doris Roberts's win. I am still angry with her for complaining, no whining, to congress about the supposed lack of respect given to older folks, a.k.a. senior citizens. It is not the government's place to hand out money to private groups! That's another topic. Returning to the original subject, the Emmy's are a waste of time. That's all...

Riker17 // 21:17

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