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Wednesday, September 11, 2002:

No time for the mawkish -- The Washington Times - This story I agree with. Why the reading of names? Why the speaches? Why the flowers? We will always remember 9-11-01, how can we forget it? The towers that are now missing. The lives that were extinguished. The changed skyline beyond the Statue of Liberty. That enormous dust cloud which filled New York's Manhatten Island for several hours. Those images are ingrained and can not be forgotten. Now, we as Americans, must rise up and defend our country. Toss the flowers, forget "God Bless America" for now, let's attack!!

On an aside, I like this article by Geoff Metcalf about Bush's "Patriot Day" Declaration. I completely agree with Geoff. Read and find out why.

Riker17 // 08:52

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