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Friday, September 13, 2002:

Kansas City Star | 09/11/2002 | Board of Education nominee's offbeat ideas spark uproar - I support Connie Morris and her stance against ILLEGAL creatures who are in this country ILLEGALLY. These people break the law and are rewarded for it! If I rob a bank, will I not be put in jail? These poeple should be warned to leave immediatly or be shot dead where they stand, their children as well will be shot dead! I condone using the illegals for target practice! They deserve it! Please don't call me rascist, I don't look at the color of their skin, just their status as non-citizens of this nation. If your status is illegal non-citizen, than no matter what country you come from, you should be shot DEAD! That is all for now...

Riker17 // 09:00

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