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Monday, September 09, 2002:

Anti-male bias increasingly pervades our culture - John Leo - Men's News Daily™ - This story is sad but increasingly true. Men are demeaned and hated by more and more women in our society. Just because they may have a slight majority on men, it doesn't give them the right to bash and harass. I am proud to be a man! I oppose all feminists! They don't believe in equality at all, just superiority. Men must rise up and defend ourselves from the rabid women. We have many female supporters, all we need to do is look. A real woman wants a strong man, not a man who will bow to a feminazi's demands and get in touch with his so-called "feminine" side. I am proud to say here today that I don't have a "feminine" side and never will! I don't a "feminine" side to "feel" pain or to know when one is hurting. I use logic in all that I say and do. That is what separates the real men from the wimpish women! Real men use logic! Real men's brain's are worth 10x's what a women's brain is, not due to amount of use, but rather the information contained within! Who created the automobile? A man! Who wrote and signed the greatest documents, including the Declaration of Indepence and the Constitution? MEN!! We are great and we are proud! GOD IS A MAN! That is all.

Riker17 // 09:40

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