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Thursday, August 08, 2002:

Inconstant Speed Of Light May Debunk Einstein - I love this story! Time travel is, and always has been, possible! The speed of light is not constant, and Einstein tried unsuccessfully to record that fact before he died. The lack of a constant makes time travel possible since time is based on light speed. But, the future remains out of reach due to the fact that it has not happened yet. One can use a time machine to travel one way only: to the past. Once one leaves the present, and enters the present's past, the present's past becomes the present, and the past from the point of departure ceases to exist. The present from which one departed, called the future, ceases to exist based on the premise that the future cannot exist because it has not happened yet. Time travel, in its purest form, is a one-way trip to the past. ~Will~

Riker17 // 09:40

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