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Wednesday, July 10, 2002:

Yahoo! News - All-Star Game Ends in Boos, Tie - I watched this game from the 7th inning on and was very disappointed, no, angry, by the outcome. I would like Bud Selig to resign. He made a huge mistake. Why do we treat our grown men like little babys? Joe Torre and Bob Brenly think that their pitchers may get injured. That's the nature of the game! They get injured, they are put on the DL for a while, and they come back to play next season! Why have backup, aka relief, pitchers if your not going to use them? In Europe, this outcome would be acceptable. This is the United States of America! We have winners, and we have losers! Someone must win, and someone must lose! Losing is good since it makes one want to win so much more! I do not believe in equality, in protecting one's feelings, in this "self-esteem" nonscense. Nature abhors equality! 'Nuff said.

Riker17 // 10:43

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