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Wednesday, July 03, 2002:

NCBuy.com News: Weird and Offbeat Stories - This is not a weird story, but rather an item that should be number one topic on the evening news. Tom Brokaw should investigate rather or not its true that the Vatican has a time machine. If true, this would be the biggest story of our modern times.
I have long believed that time travel is possible, but only in one direction, meaning that one can travel to the past, but once there, will not be able to return to one's present point of departure. The future does not, nor can it, exist if time travel is work correctly. Problem with this theory is that time is relative to each individual human being. What is the past to me, could very well be the present to you.
From my point of view, my future has yet to occur. From another individual's pov, the future may have already occured, hence deja vu.
This topic is a complicated one, to say the least. More to come...

Riker17 // 08:34

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