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Wednesday, May 08, 2002:

Yahoo! News - FBI: Pipe-Bomb Suspect Confessed - If the FBI or the BATF or any other government agency creepo is reading this, I encourage you to stop now. If you choose to read further, I am not responsible for actions you may take to limit my freedom of speech.
This may or may not shock you, but I know that Luke Helder is not a criminal, is not a terrorist, and he did not place those 18 supposed pipe bombs. He is an innocent person wom is being used as a scapegoat by the FBI and other acronym agencies to scare the public (that's us, folks) into accepting more restrictions on our civil rights. Call me a liberal anything, but I am a supporter of freedom, liberty, and the United States of America!
I believe that Luke should never trust his father ever again, since Cameron has proven to the world that he is a coward and willing to trust the enemy when they spout lies and display forged and made-up papers to indicate that Luke, Cameron's son, is a terrorist. I would think that a father would care about his son. Obviously, he does not. Nor does he care about the freedoms for which many millions have fought and died for during the last two hundred and fifty plus years!! I urge all true patriots to rise up and demand proof that what the government says is true. Problem with that is that the alphabet agencies will show papers that have been created by them to be the proof. In other words, all LIES!!! I am a believer in conspiracies and most will laugh at me because of that fact. I know this and I expect it. Those who laugh, will be the first to die in the ABC agencies' torture chambers. I, on the other hand, shall die an honorable death. I already know when it will happen.
In the year 2020, I will be elected President of the united states of America. On my second day in office, I will rescind more than two-hundred years worth of laws and allow the citizens the freedom and liberty that was guaranteed to them in 1776. Personal responsiblity will be brought back along with common sense. Many say it has died; I say it has taken a prolonged vacation. After a year as President, I will be challenged by a sagging economy brought about by my own policies. My approval rating, as reported by the controlled press, will be around 25%. On the 400th day of my first term, a member of the senate, aka a senator, will challenge my authority as president, and during the ensuing scuffle, a gun will fire, fataly wounding me. I will live long enough to turn the gun on the senator, killing him. Two hours and 21 minutes after being shot, I will be declared dead, and the Vice-President will assume all presidential duties. I will be remembered as a man who ruined the economy by attempting to take our nation back to the stone-age. Many citizens will suspect a conspiracy afoot. The truth will never be known. That is all. Thank you for reading.

Riker17 // 20:19

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