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Friday, March 08, 2002:


Hear I am, a day late and standing at 54.2% accuracy. I said that I would post how I did at the conclusion of the election. Here's the results, provided by Bill Jones, the Secretary of State and a gubernatorial candidate. 54.2% is the percentage that I got correct for my predictions which you will find below. Now, I will analyze my predictions and the race outcomes.
The big event of the night was of course the GOP race for governor. Although several individuals had won their way onto the statewide ballot, only three were considered truely viable candidates for the office. My prediction was that Bill Jones would be the victor, but that was not to be. This prediction was really, truth be told, a personal opinion, and not based on any polls or facts and figures given by the media. I don't consider polls or stats of previous performances in my predictions. I instead use the here and now. What is happening in the race today. How does the candidate look on TV? Does he appear intelligent and enthusiastic about his chances? Bill Jones did not fit the mold as your typical candidate, but rather as a real person who was in the race with the intention of making a difference in California.
Next, in the Lieutenant governor's race, I chose correctly, Bruce McPherson over Ellie Michaels, even though I voted for Ellie. I predicted Bruce due to the name recognition he has, and nothing else.
In the Secretary of State battle, I predicted the winners on both sides correctly! Keith Olberg won the Republican nod, while Kevin Shelley pulled out a last-minute win over March Fong Eu to receive the Democratic nomination. This one surprised me. March had a lock on this office for sure, I thought, being that she held the office before Bill Jones. My, was I wrong!
I got one-half of the Controller nomination correct. I correctly chose Steve Westly to represent the Democrats in November.
Incumbent Philip Angelides easily defeated his opponent for the Democratic nomination for Treasurer and giving me another half correct prediction.
Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Democrat, and Dick Ackerman, Republican, both handily defeated no one to receive the nominations of their respective parties.
I got a score of zero in the next race: Insurance Commissioner. This race made a liar out of me.
The last race I will mention is a non-partisan office: Superintendent of Public Instruction. I correctly predicted Jack O'Connell would be the winner based on his amount of advertising and his opponents' lack there of.
That is my analysis of my predictions. I think I did relatively well.
Next topic: whatever I choose.

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