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Monday, March 04, 2002:

I have mentioned the statewide races, now I will mention the more localized races of Congressional Representative, State Senator, State Assembly, and various county offices. Again, these are purely my predictions and they do not necessarily reflect how I may or may not vote on any particular issue.

These are the Republican candidates. I do not know who is running on the Democratic ticket.

Representative District 20
Andre Minuth vs. Ricky Martin
Winner will be Ricky Martin - The name value will be the reason he wins. Many think he is the latin singer.

State Senate District 16
The only candidate listed is Blair Knox. Unless someone has launched a write-in campaign that I haven't heard about, he is the GOP candidate for this office.

State Assembly District 31
No candidate is listed. All write-ins are welcome!

Nonpartisan Positions
Judge of the Superior Court
Office No. 1
Winner will be Marc N. Kapetan

Office No. 13
Winner will be Vincent J. McGraw

Office No. 16
Winner will be John F. Vogt and Peter Kapetan
Run-off Winner will be John F. Vogt

In the preceding three races, the Kapetan brothers are hoping for a clean sweep, but I don't think that's what the public is willing to give right now. In Office No. 16, the vote will be close enough to require a run-off election between Peter Kapetan and John F. Vogt, with Vogt the winner of that match up.

Peter G. Mehas will be re-elected to another term as Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.

As for county-wide, Phil Larson will win both the short term and the long term position of Supervisor in District 1, Fresno County.

Assessor-Recorder position will be filled by Bob Werner in a close race.

The next Fresno County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector will be a landslide victory for Paul A. Dictos.

I predict that Victor Salazar will be victorious in this election for the office of Fresno County Clerk.

The Fresno District Attorney race is a very active one, though, at the end of the day, the vote count will show Elizabeth A. Egan has amassed the required percentage to avoid a run-off.

The Fresno County Sheriff will remain the same, as Richard Pierce's job is not in jepardy. He is the only candidate listed after all.

The Public Administrator-Coroner will be Hal B. Havlisch.

The last item is Measure E, the Fresno County Zoo Authority Transactions and Use Tax, which requires a two-thirds majority to pass. I predict that it will fail, having received only 59% of the votes cast.

I will comment on these predictions on Wednesday or Thursday, after all the results are known and made official. -Will

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