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Tuesday, December 18, 2001:

Stories like this one prove that our govenment knows that no amount of security will prevent a terrorist attack. Officials Want Alert to Continue (washingtonpost.com)
Why keep us under high alert if our security system is fail-proof, as our gov't officials claim? It's because the system isn't fail-proof. No system is. The induhviduals with evil in their hearts will succeed because that is how the world works. One, two, or twenty attacks will be prevented, but it's the twenty-first that will succeed. Do you understand what I am saying? Every attack cannot be prevented! In fact, I will suggest that these terrorists, whoever they are, should launch multiple attacks on several cities at the same time. Coordination similar to that which occured on 9/11 would be necessary. Come on, Big Government, haul me away as a sympathiser, which I am not. I just won't tolerate having my civil liberties removed one by one. Any feedback?

Riker17 // 13:01

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